Ebear Connected

Smart Buildings. Software. Connecting the future

The world of automation is becoming increasingly complex. Networks and systems are linked and growing together. We are a reliable partner at your side, whether for new installations or after commissioning. We assist you in the search for solutions, the right hardware or software products and untangle any knots. If there are disagreements, we support you and your interests, whether you are the owner of the building, the user or the integrator.

At eBear connected we unite professional knowledge and expertise with practical experience in the fields of smart buildings and software. Our trainings result from this to provide relevant and practically applicable knowledge. We introduce our participants to our design philosophy and methodology and impart a clear understanding of technology and design. All our trainers have had practical experience in design and implementation and include this in the seminars.


For more info visit: https://www.ebearconnected.com.au/en/